Antic cafe's bassist Kanon.
I Love anime, games and everything Akihabara related.
An cafe started in 2003 and soon became an oshare kei band signed to Loop ash Records. When An cafe started we had 3 members me, Bou and Miku then Teruki joined us.
We label our band as "Nyappy, Harajuku and dance rock".
Because of personal reasons Bou left the band after our live on 2007/4/30 and two new members joined afterwards "Yuuki and Takuya" (Keyboards and Guitar).
The band have worked non stop since its formation in 2003 until 2010 January, but now we'll be back during 2012 summer so please support us.

Other information:
Real name - Shiniya Sano
Date of birth - 1984/7/5
I like to do some shopping, take a walk on Harajuku Akihabara and Shibuya, I love video games and manga. My favorite food is Chiken flavored noodles and my perfume is Calvin k. One.

I hope our music get's to all caffeko's heart and make sad times less painfull.
Nyappy!o (≧∀≦) o

-This is a RP account and is in no way associated with the real Kanon-
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o (≧∀≦) o秋葉原のカノン
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